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Ecozen, a leading provider of sustainable and energy-efficient cooling solutions, is proud to announce that its Ecofrost Link 3.0 has been selected as the winner in the Hybrid Cold Chain units category for the 2022 Global LEAP Awards.

The Global LEAP Awards recognise the most innovative and energy-efficient off-grid appliances, aiming to promote their development and deployment in emerging markets. The Hybrid Cold Chain units category specifically honours products that combine renewable energy sources and grid power to deliver reliable and efficient cooling solutions for perishable goods.

Designed for small-scale farmers, food processors, and retailers in off-grid areas, Ecofrost Link 3.0 is a solar-powered hybrid refrigeration system. It is equipped with a high-efficiency DC compressor, a battery bank, and a solar panel array, allowing it to operate on grid power or solar power based on electricity availability. Noteworthy features of the Ecofrost Link 3.0 include its robust design capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and rough terrain, as well as a remote monitoring system for real-time temperature and data tracking, ensuring optimal storage conditions.

Winning the Global LEAP Award in the Hybrid Cold Chain units category serves as a testament to the Ecofrost Link 3.0’s innovative design and exceptional performance. This recognition highlights its role as a game-changer in the cold chain industry, solidifying Ecozen’s commitment to providing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

The Ecofrost Link 3.0 is an ideal choice for businesses and organisations requiring reliable and efficient refrigeration in off-grid locations. It caters to various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, and food and beverage, ensuring their cooling needs are met effectively.