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Ecozen has emerged as a finalist in the Cisco Agri challenge organized by The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation.

Cisco Agri Challenge calls for solutions that ‘enhance profitability of small scale farmers’.  Solutions with 10Mn potential that deliver positive economic, social and environmental value will compete for an INR 2 Cr prize purse. Over the next year, an ecosystem of producers, experts, investors, enablers and supporters will come together to accelerate your learning, and to help you refine your solution. All high potential ideas will get stage-appropriate support to be implemented on ground and the most promising solution will win an INR 1 Cr grant.

We are proud to announce that Ecozen has been named one of the 10 finalists of the Cisco Agri Challenge. Our products, technology and innovations continue to deliver around the core goals of the challenge, i.e. scalability (reach more farmers), impact (improve farmer profits) and sustainability (positive environmental impact). Ecozen is enabling farmers to grow more, preserve for longer, and sell at better prices. To know more about the challenge, Click here

We have deployed more than 55,000+ controllers and 400+ Solar cold rooms in India and a few other countries. Ecozen has been appreciated not only for its unique product but has also been recognized for its unique business models which are helping to create a robust food supply chain.