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In this episode, the Ecozen founders trio talk about how they started with customers in the Agriculture sector, establishing a significant market share. They also talk about how they are now looking to expand into other areas, including the EV space, and markets outside India.

In this episode of podcast, the trio talks about its crucial and difficult to comprehend the attitude of the customer. Farmers have a practice of selling their food right away when it is collected. You must train them to think like businesspeople. Explaining the product patiently, persuading them of its benefits, showing them how to install and use the device, and many other subtler facets of comprehension and communication are required. Sometimes farmers experience anxiety. Getting them on board requires a lot of conviction and belief in what we are doing. The trio talks about how the funds raised will be put to use increasing product line, manufacturing capability, and exports. To multiply our market potential and grow exponentially while assuring sustainability by extending outside of India and agriculture. Other than agriculture, Ecozen wants to apply its technology stacks and developing climate-smart solutions for industries other than agriculture, particularly electric vehicles (EVs), which presents a big opportunity to Ecozen.