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The growth of sustainability has reached out loud to the farthest corners of the world. And agriculture is the best field for the application of sustainability in hands with development. The graph of demand for solar appliances in all parts of the world has been on a regular increase, Africa is on the top. 

Due to low electrification rates in Africa, solar devices like solar home systems and solar lanterns have massively increased sales. In such conditions, agriculture being a major occupation of the continent feels a need to connect with solar power. Since Africa has one of the lowest electrification rates in the world, the agribusiness sector on a whole suffers heavily. The poor electric facilities now have become the root cause of failure of complete utilization of all kinds of farm produce. In such conditions, sustainable development becomes a helping hand for the agricultural sector.

 Ecozen believes in sustainable development and empowering farmers as the key goal. We believe that both solar water pumps and solar cold rooms can revolutionize the Agri sector in the countries of Africa.

1. Solar water pumps:

During our visit to Africa, we were curious about the agribusiness of the continent. After observing this sector with a keen eye and analysing all its statistics, the results were very surprising. Majority of the farmers tend to depend on rain-fed farming for optimum produce and sale. Considering the environmental conditions, the pre-mentioned practice does not suit for a profitable sale of farm products. Being completely dependent on rain-fed farming has its own set of cons. Some of them are lack of revenue generation per cycle and a decrease in the number of cycles per annum. We have also met retailers and traders who struggle to procure vegetables throughout the year because of the dependence on rain-fed irrigation. In certain countries like Uganda, the number of diesel pumps outgrows the number of electric pumps.

In the extreme need of the hour, companies like Kickstarter become a ray of hope for farmers. They have successfully supplied treadle pumps to a huge number of farms. We commemorate brands like Kickstarter who make an effort for the growth of farmers.

Ecozen has also endeavoured in the creation of solar pumps for efficient water supply in farms. Solar pumps help in overcoming the challenges of electricity and diesel supply, decreasing the manual labour. These pumps can bring along a huge additional income for farmers increasing their overall economy. Investing in solar pumps will always stand out to be a profitable decision.

2. Solar cold rooms

Blurring out and focusing on agriculture of countries like Kenya, Solar cold rooms could become a pioneer of growth. Kenya exports numerous commodities to Europe like avocado, mango, banana, french beans, etc. In specific scenarios like this, exporters especially face the spoilage of food products. Hence cold chains can become the helper in reducing wastage.

Solar based cold rooms are required at multiple stages of the supply chain such as:

1. Farm-level pre-cooling

2. Pack houses/Collection centres for pre-coolings   

3. Nearby airports for staging if necessary.

Our efficient solar cold room is named Ecofrost. Ecofrost has been successful in appealing to multiple stakeholders including farmers, traders and exporters.

3. Progress of Ecozen

Ecozen has been actively making its way into the east African market and we pursue Kenya being our starting point of expanding agricultural progress. Ecozen has been selected as the technologically most advanced product in Global Off-grid competition. With cutting edge technology, we’re empowering agriculture to be efficient and eco-friendly. We aspire to grow in hands with the development of farmers around the globe. Kenya, come join us in this endeavour.