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Why is Ecofrost the Perfect Solar Cold Room to Rent

An innovation that is transforming farmers’ lives all across the world


Available on lease basis based on your harvest season


Mobile Controlled Smart Operation

Sell Fresh & Earn More

  • Ecofrost is designed to operate reliably in regions with challenge of quality power supply.
  • Uses solar energy and thermal energy backup.
  • Retain the quality of your perishable produce.
  • Derive more value from it by selling it at the right time to the right markets.
  • Can be used in a packhouse, in a mandi or at a farmgate.
  • Reduce wastage and improve price realization for your produce.

Sell Fresh & Earn More


ELECTRIC vs SOLAR Buy Electric
Cold Room
Rent Solar
Cold Room

Monthly EMI

Fixed and High Interests EMI

Zero EMI

Electricity Charges
for Operation

High Electrictiy Bill every month

Zero Electricity Use

Diesel Generator
for Backup

Additional Diesel Expense

30+ hours of Batteryless Backup

Civil Work

Expenses to Build and Install

Easy Installation


Overpriced Maintenance

Low Maintainance

Smart Control

No Provision of Smart Control

Ecofrost Service

Post Harvest Management Training

No provision for Management Training

Post Harvet
Training Provided

Market Linkage Support (Flowers)

No Support for Market Linkage

‘connect’ app by Ecozen for
Market Linkage Support

dutch roses

Kethi Reddy Palli, Telangana, India.

dutch roses

Kethi Reddy Palli, Telangana, India.

At the time of harvest, the demand for the Dutch Rose was low. It faced the risk of getting sold at a low price of ₹80/ bunch or getting wasted.

The product was stored in Ecofrost for 20 days until the time was right to sell it.

The farmer was connected to markets like Hyderabad and Vijaywada where demand was high and the farmer received a profit of ₹120-150/bunch of Dutch Rose .


Malshiras, Pune, India.


Malshiras, Pune, India.

With Ecofrost Solar Cold Room, Mr. Somnath Jagdale’s Chrysanthemum produce was kept fresh till Ganpati & Navratri festive season when the demand is high.

At the time of harvest the demand was less and the average market rate was ₹15/kg. The product was stored for 9 days and the farmer was connected to markets like hyderabad, mumbai and pune where demand was high.

The farmer received an average rate of ₹90-100/ kg.


Thandhar, Himachal Pradesh, India..


Thandhar, Himachal Pradesh, India..

With Ecofrost Solar Cold Room, Big Basket kept their Cherry produce fresh during transportation which helped in reducing dump at customer level.

Cherry is a highly perishable fruit hence it should be precooled & stored in cold room immediately after harvesting. The average market rate was ₹200-230/kg. With produced precooled and transported to markerts like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Chandigarh.

The Cherries were readily accepted with an average selling price of ₹380- 400/kg

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