Ecotron is a flagship solar pump controller offered by Ecozen for application in a wide range of pumping application. It offers the following features:

  • MPPT efficiency upto 99.5%
  • IP 54 Proctection
  • Grid hybrid
  • Over the air updates
  • On board data storage
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • 1 hp to 10 hp capacity
  • UL, TUV Certified
  • SMS ON/OFF Control

Ecozen provides the most intelligent web based anayltics with Ecotron. Ecotron’s analytics are powered through proprietary algorithms that track the performance of each system on ground. This is done by generating data minute by minutue and loging it over our web servers via GPRS.

Our highly interactive web interface lets you livetrack the rudimentary as well as advance aspects of your solar pumping systems. This includes live-tracking of frequency, power consumption, motor current, PV voltage, MPPT perfomance and more. Our analytics engine helps system integrators in tracking the performance of their system. They can get a daily report on issues that may have occured in the systems ensuring quick response times and reduced service costs.